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In 2016 the Festivaldelgusto was held in late October on the Island of Malta in collaboration with Slow Food AngliaSlow Food Sicilia and Slow Food Malta. The event took place at a beautiful venue in Valletta, the Excelsior Hotel and hosted up to 80 selected guests, invitedspeakers and small producers from the three Slow Food Groups. We have been very pleased to be involved with this amazing project which we believe it has been the first of it's type in the Mediterranean and has already met with the support of Slow Food members as well as the international community involved. This dedicated Slow Food Mediterranean Conference was to promote the first Slow Food Mediterranean festival to be held on Malta in June 2018 by the Slow Food groups who are currently involved with the planning, later it will be widened to include the areas from which other Slow Food groups can join and take part in future years, which could include Slow Food groups in Spain, France and Greece.
Slow Food Sicilia and Slow Food Anglia are very proactive groups within the Slow Food movement in Europe and working with Slow Food Malta is an ideal opportunity for the three groups to bring the organisations aims, ethos and projects to the attention of the public and also the wider food community in Malta. The beautiful Island of Malta with its great climate is the ideal place to hold an event of this type and we believe that this festival will prove very popular and hopefully grow both in size and become one of the premier food events held in the Mediterranean region in the future. The Conference allowed members of the Slow Food groups in Malta, Sicily and Anglia to work more closely together with input by our team at the Festivaldelgusto and we are all very excited to be part of this.
To know more about this project visit the dedicated website


Monterado, Le Marche, Italy

The 2014 edition of the Festivaldelgusto proved to be very popular and attracted a lot of visitors so we held it again in 2015 at the beautiful Castello di Monterado near the Adriatic coast of Le Marche, Italy. In 2015 the Festival took place on Saturday the 27th of September and it saw again the participation of excellent small local artisan producers and visitors from the local area but also from England, Australia and America. The evening ended with a dinner at the close restaurant, La Tavernetta sull'Aia, where both producers and guests gathered together for a lovely meal.
Click here for the detailed programme of Festivaldelgusto 2015


Monterado, Le Marche, Italy

In 2014 we held our second Festivaldelgusto at the beautiful Castello di Monterado near the Adriatic coast in Le Marche, Italy. In 2014 the Festival took place on Saturday 26th September at the Castello and on Sunday 27th September there was an olive oil tasting school in the morning followed by lunch at the olive groves of the local Tomassetti family which was accompanied by local musicians playing traditional Marchgiani music. The main Festival which was held in the beautiful Cantina of the Castello di Monterado and there were over sixteen Marchigiani producers present, including wine and olive oil producers, beer, honey, local jams and preserves, truffles, sapa and charcuterie.
On  Sunday 27th Andrea Tomassetti along with Giordano Galiardi held an olive oil tasting and appreciation class in the Castello for twenty four guests, this was then  followed by a trip to the Tomassetti family olive groves where local wines and a selection of local dishes were served for lunch. A band from the nearby villages played traditional music to accompany the very long lunch which ended in the early evening
Click here for the detailed programme of Festivaldelgusto 2014


Senigallia, Le Marche, Italy

After holding many food related events in the UK, mainly in London and in the city of Norwich in Norfolk, we held our first dedicated Italian event at the Locanda Strada della Marina near the beautiful Adriatic resort of Senigallia in September 2013. The event was held on Saturday 14th September at this beautiful and elegant Agriturismo which looks down on the Adriatic coast and sea below and which offers a high level of comfort for guests as well as a providing very high quality cuisine overseen by the resident award winning chef and his team. The Locanda is situated very close to Senigallia which allowed both local visitors and also guests from other parts of the Marche region to visit the event easily.
For our first event in Italy we had ten local Marchigiani food and wine producers showcase there produce at the Locanda, some of those included were the wine producers, Vini Venturi, Azienda La Fontursia and Poderi Mattioli with their superb Verdicchio white wines. Also present were several extra virgin olive oil producers and other fine food producers from the Marche region, with more details of all the producers present at the festival on our producers page. We at Festivaldelgusto and also Olivaverde aim only to promote small artisan producers from the Marche region and where possible only producers who make there wines, oils and foods by organic and biodynamic methods, and it is always gratifying to have these passionate producers take part in the events we promote and also sponsor.
Click here for the detailed programme of Festivaldelgusto 2013



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