Festivaldelgusto has a primary aim to bring together Italian and Mediterranean artisan producers of organic and biodynamic wines, olive oils and other typical produce in the regions where they work and live. The first Festivaldelgusto was held in the Le Marche region of eastern Italy in 2013 with local producers, members of the public, press, representatives of local businesses and also members of local trade organisations taking part. This was followed in 2014 and 2015 with the festival again being held in Italy and at the beautiful Castello di Monterado near the Adriatic resort of Senigallia which built on the success of the first event and was attended by guests and buyers from the Italy, UK, Holland, Germany, Canada and Australia. Further Festivaldelgusto events which also aimed to bring together artisan food and wine producers were held in several other regions of Italy during 2015 and in 2016 with another planned for the autumn of 2017, and many of our friends in Marche, Sicily, Umbria and Puglia are already working with our team to secure suitable venues in these regions. There is a real desire among committed artisan food and wine producers to learn more about the other producers and also their produce from their particular area, whether it be in Italy, Malta or the UK, and our aim is to help in this process.
Another aim is to promote and celebrate the produce of small artisan farmers and wine producers in the Mediterranean region, individuals whose passion and hard work are key to the wonderful foodstuffs,olive oils and wines that they make and sell. Most of the exceptional artisan producers who take part are from Italy but we have also many friends and contacts in the islands of Malta and Gozo who are involved in this exciting project, and we held a joint Festivaldelgusto and Slow Food Mediterranean event on the islands in the autumn of 2016. Friends in the UK were also interested in holding some similar events in London and East Anglia and we have held Festivaldelgusto events in Norfolk and the east of England over the past few years which bring together local organic producers as well as organic and biodynamic produce from other parts of Europe.
We also strive to build closer relationships with producers and also our friends some of whom have so far not been in a position to offer their produce to a wider audience, both in their own region and abroad. Advice will be available about possibly working to open up opportunities to make their produce available to a larger market outside of their particular country, as we have relationships with many interested parties in both the US, Australia, Holland and Germany. The Festivals also have an educational aspect, at each event we will be holding workshops and classes at which olive oil and wine producers will be holding tastings and talking about the cultivation and production of wines and oils. Representatives from organic and biodynamic associations in Italy and the other countries that are taking part will be invited to hold workshops, lectures and talks about their organisations and the principles of organic and biodynamic horticulture, agriculture and viniculture.
Festivaldelgusto also works closely with other bodies who promote ethical and sustainable food production, many of these will have representatives at the Festivals and these organisations include the Slow Food movement in the UK, Slow Food Marche in Italy, Slow Food Malta, Slow food Sicilia and Slow Food International   In 2014 together with Slow Food Anglia we played an active role in promoting the new Slow Food England region and this has lead to many exciting projects being planned with other Slow Food Convivia across the world. We have also established strong links with the team at the British Biodynamic association in Stroud, also with other sustainable food bodies who are all very supportive of small ethical producers and the aims of Festivaldelgusto. Our Blog and Facebook page are frequently updated with details of venues, dates and producers who will be attending each Festival event as they unfold.

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