The beautiful Mediterranean Island of Malta is a perfect location where to hold our festivals and fairs throughout the year as it has a near perfect climate for hosting outdoor events and markets.
Malta is set in the very centre of the Mediterranean sea, south of Sicily and just north of Libya, and has been invaded by many diverse races over many thousands of year including the Phoenicians, Romans, Turks, Spanish, French and finally the British before becoming a self governing republic in 1974.
The Maltese people of just 400,000 persons have built a thriving and vibrant country which is also now part of the EU, with Malta now attracting over three million visitors to the Islands each year because of the excellent climate, superb beaches, attractive tourist resorts, ancient historic and cultural centres as well as the native Maltese speaking several languages fluently including English and Italian.
We have found that in Malta there is still not a general realisation among the general public and also visitors to the Islands of what fantastic high quality Maltese foods and wines that are available. These typical Maltese products can also be complimented by fine Italian foods that can be found in Sicily and Italy, just to the north of the Islands and that these can therefore easily be promoted and marketed on the Malta.
Several organisations and also local farmers are working on reintroducing a variety of indigenous crops, trees and plants to the island, one of the most active organisations is Slow food Malta who are passionate about their local local food,and also the standards and quality of all food and drink on the Island. Slow Food Malta are also involved with the Maltese organic movement which works toward having a high standard of organic foods grown and sold on the Island. Slow Food Malta through their connection us in the UK and Italy has now started to form closer links with Slow Food Sicilia and Slow Food Marche as well as Slow Food Anglia in the UK, and with all these Slow Food Convivia they are organising joint visits and workshops with their members to both Malta and the UK starting in 2016. Members of Slow Food Anglia were at a the prestigious food market in London and Slow Food Sicilia also came to the UK in 2015 to hold a joint event at the Slow Food market held at the Rosewood Hotel in central London which was organised by Slow Food Anglia.
We held another joint event this time along with Slow Food Mediterranean and Slow Food Malta on the Island of Malta, this was to hold the first Slow Food Mediterranean conference in October 2016. The conference was held at the Excelsior Hotel in Valletta on Saturday October 29th and we were very pleased to be part of this exciting event and was the first that Festivaldelgusto has been involved with that will be held outside of Italy and the UK.  Malta has a wide range of wonderful venues and gardens that we can use for joint Slow Food Mediterranean and Festivaldelgusto food and drink festivals and we look forward to working with members of Slow Food Malta to produce a popular and exciting events in the future and also to start work on plans for a joint Festivaldelgusto and Slow Food event in Valletta in 2017. As usual we will be updating our Blog in the following months with all the latest news of our events and other topics of interest.
Festivaldelgusto are also pleased to be working with Olivaverde on projects both in Italy and Malta and along with our Maltese associates we are working toward establishing a permanent Mediterranean olive oil academy on Malta in 2018.

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