Festivaldelgusto is based in the beautiful Adriatic resort of Senigallia in the east of Italy and in the city of Norwich in the  UK, but we also hold events, workshops and festivals in other regions of Italy, also in London and Cambridge in the UK and now in the beautiful Mediterranean Island of Malta. The locations we use for all our events are specially chosen by our team who live, work and know their various countries, regions and cities well and who also have extensive local knowledge of both the venues and the type of artisan produce that is available for us to both use in the workshops we hold and also to showcase to the general public as well as trade buyers. All the locations we choose and go on to use are all located in beautiful outstanding areas of that country and region, with fantastic well known venues, the venues also offer the highest standards of professionalism and dedication by their owners and staff.
Over the years holding the Festivaldelgusto events in Italy we have been able to use locations which our overseas clients see as typical of the best of Italian artisan food, drink and service, this has also helped to attract trade buyers from other parts of the world including the UK, Ireland, theUSA, Holland and Australia, who are now importing specialist high quality artisan produce for sale to customers in those countries through both retail outlets and local markets. With Malta coming on stream with us in 2015 and 2016 we were then able to offer clients festivals, markets and workshops at outstanding locations on the Island featuring typical Maltese artisan produce such Maltese honey, mead, sea salt,  jams, organic olive oils, outstanding Maltese wines and other excellent Maltese produce. Malta will become increasingly important to our business over the coming years and we expect it will be a much more well known place for both International food festivals and events and we at Festivaldelgusto will be taking full advantage of our extensive knowledgeof both the Island and its food culture to host popular and successful events there. There is more detailed information about the locations and venues we use both in Italy, the UK and Malta on the drop down menus on there respective pages.

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